Mistakes can be forgiven but there are some mistakes that can take much of your time, effort and money if you wanted to reverse them. That is why it is necessary that we avoid these mistakes. If you have a new home and you want to get the best looking home then you should hire a villa interior designer. It can be expensive but living in a home that has become the talk of the town has its own kind of feeling. If you are about to become one of the best interior designers in Dubai UAE, then this post is for you and the new home owners as well because here you will know the mistakes that you have to avoid to save your reputation and save your time, effort and money as well.


Client: For those who are hiring an interior designer for the first time, you are vulnerable to the pro interior designers and they can empty your pockets so, be precise that your budget is just.

Interior Designer: If you are a new interior designer then clients will tell you to lower your charges. You can lower some of them but don’t do all of them.


Client; this is the work of an interior designer of course but not everyone comes to work in a good mood. So, if you see that the interior designer is doing a wrong measurement, then assist them.

Interior Designer: this is the work that needs to be super precise and even a point of less or more in measurement can make a huge problem on the day of applying the material. A pro tip: make sure to take three measurements of the same wall, like the best of three and then choose the common one.

Painting Before Getting Furniture

Client: this basically depends on your choice and your budget. You can either give the money to the interior designer and leave the selecting and buying on him or her or buy your own and be happy with your choice.

Interior Designer: make sure to go shopping with your client and assist them in finding the best deals of furniture and then head to the paint shop and select the paint that goes best with the contrast you have selected.