People who need to give gifts to their female partners like wife, mother, daughter or sister, then sometime they get confused that what they have to pick for them which they will like and also they can use that for longer and it will reward them too. If you are one of them then you have to see the ideas about modest clothing dubai here below:


You can give them beautiful shawls as it is mandatory for Muslim women to wear shawl or bigger scarf especially when they are going to pray or going outside so you can give them this as a gift. When you are choosing the shawl then you have to keep in mind the choice of color of that female to whom you are giving that. You have to put that in a beautiful box and if you get the round or cylindrical box then it will look more elegant and they like it more.

Tasbeeh or counter:

There are now a lot of different kinds of Tasbeeh and digital counters are available that you can give as a gift to her and it will be a great gift when you are considering your mother or any elderly lady. You can give that alone in a beautiful box with a card or you can pair it you with any other Islamic gift. You can pair that along with the Miswak so that they will be happy to have that and when they use it will strengthen their teeth as well. Never decorate your boxes too much because they don’t look good.

Prayer mat:

Another amazing gift to give to anyone even if it is a male or a female is that you can foldable prayer mat and gift them. Whenever they use that prayer rug they will remember you in your prayers and also you will get the reward for that too. You have to buy that carefully and see the stuff of the mat that it has to be durable and the prayer mat should not be too colorful or should not have too many designs on that as it will distract from the main goal which is to pray on them. They have to be comfortable and easy to carry so people can take with them to any place without any problem.