Invisible braces are clear, lightweight plastic trays which gradually push teeth towards a straighter alignment over time. Clear aligner trays are often removable, which removes many of the issues associated with standard metal braces. The technology works similarly to standard metal braces, but the devices themselves are much more streamlined and can be taken off easily. The aligners are worn for a set amount of time and are designed to gradually move teeth forward as the patient works on perfecting their bite. If your teeth are misaligned to an extreme degree, invisible braces in Dubai may be the perfect solution for you.

Clear aligners can be worn twenty-four hours a day, so there is no need to worry about being disciplined by your orthodontist at odd intervals. Invisible aligners are made from lightweight plastic and are made to mold to the shape of a patient’s teeth. This means that a patient can wear their aligners twenty-four hours per day and they will not experience any uncomfortable or limiting effects that other types of braces can cause.

As with all types of dental treatments, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to invisible braces. First, they can be very cost effective if a patient uses multiple Clear Aligner Solutions. Each Clear Aligner Solution package includes adhesive for the Clear Aligner System, patient education materials, and an instruction booklet. The total cost of the treatments will vary based on the amount of treatment needed and the complexity of the situation. The average treatment time is from eighteen to twenty-four months, although some patients may require less than eighteen months of treatments.

For people who have severe misalignment to their teeth, conventional braces may be a good solution for them. Constant wearing of invisible braces over a long period of time can actually weaken the teeth and enamel, causing the tooth to fall out faster. When a tooth does fall out, it may take longer for the tooth to grow back in than it would if it were left alone, as the bone could not support the new tooth. For this reason, it may be necessary to have several treatment visits to complete the process of replacing the missing tooth.

Many children are prescribed invisible braces to straighten their smiles. Children sometimes prefer to have clear aligners in Dubai than their conventional counterparts because they are more comfortable and easier to clean. However, clear aligners must be worn for eighteen to twenty-four months at a time, which can make them inconvenient for sports or extracurricular activities. Some children also complain that their clear aligners become irritated if they are pushed down their mouth during sleep.